Funk Soul Power

DJ Bu is host DJ on – Funk Soul Power R&B Music Internet Radio Station.

Funk Soul Power logo

Funk Soul Power is a new DJ Bu venture into producing and performing on this exciting new R&B music Internet Radio station.

Playing the best in Funk, Classic Soul, R&B / Rhythm and Blues, Disco, Detroit (Motown) Soul, Deep Soul / Southern Soul, Northern Soul / Modern Soul, Memphis Soul, Philadelphia Soul, Psychedelic Soul, British Soul, Blue-eyed Soul, New Orleans Soul, Chicago Soul, P-Funk, Slow Jams, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul music.

To enhance the community and social experience that great music brings, DJ Bu has also set up The R&B Network consisting of a Forum and the Funky SoulMates R&B Lovers & Friends Dating Service. Please feel free to use these fantastic FREE services!

Funk Soul Power Radio Shows:

PLAYFunk Soul Power episode 003 with DJ Bu

PLAYFunk Soul Power episode 002 with DJ Bu

PLAYFunk Soul Power episode 001 with DJ Bu

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