Stunts Shirts For All The Crew

“I Do All My Own Stunts” Funny Graphic T-shirts

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I Do All My Own Stunts. Funny graphics t-shirts with popular slogan – I Do All My Own Stunts.

Got to love a funny tshirt, right? At T-shirt Mart there’s a ton of original howler designs based on the best seller humorous one-liner text “I Do All My Own Stunts.” Unique designs on tees include: banana peel, ATV, chainsaw, tree, roof, chemistry lab, explosion, ladder, mountain, motorbike, bicycle, stairs, skateboard, crutches.

Get you, your crew, family, friends, coworkers kitted out with stunt humor shirts available at the following link:


About DJ Bu

Producer, writer, web DJ. DJ Bu is primarily about music, it's production and presentation ... in the studio, on the (web) radio, at live events. Specialty and most expertise is in R&B. Film & TV are media of prior experience, having worked in Film Producer capacity with prestigious International Creative Management, Initial Entertainment Group, Screen Actors Guild. Websites, building, developing, producing online content, are skills dj Bu brings to the table. Print, apparel design and books are ongoing successful endeavors at Voice-over, commercials, trailers, stingers are disciplines dj Bu excels in. Management, from talent to property, dj Bu has done it.

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