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Quest For Great Pizza Pie in L.A.

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pizza pie

Who’d have thought that in the sprawling megatropolis, that is Los Angeles County, a great pizza pie would be so elusive?

Okay, L.A. is not New York, nor is it Chicago or Boston, even. But, why-oh-why, do I continually fail in my mission to snarf on a good-to-go pizza? I’m constantly dismayed – nay, aggrieved – by the taste buds, or lack of, of my fellow Angelinos who in no small measure prop up those pitiful excuses for pizzas served up by the chains and franchises. Had a Papa John’s once … Once!

So far, the only reasonable choice chunk of cheese slathered sizzle was found at the Rainbow Room on Sunset Boulevard. Had it once … Only once, only because I haven’t had the chance to revisit there, yet.

C’mon L.A., my mouth is starting to salivate at distant memories of Scottish fish-’n-chip shops (AKA chippies) dishing up great, steaming, deep fat fried pizzas. And, those were back in the days of trans fats, too. Don’t have me reaching for the Crisco and tongs….

… If you live in the L.A. area, or are a proprietor of a pizza joint, please don’t hesitate to set me on a straight path in my ongoing quest for a great Los Angeles pizza, get to me at

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